MAPF Returns : January, 2007

The monthly return for Malachite Aggressive Preferred Fund has been calculated. A poor month, but sometimes the preferred share market behaves in an … unusual … manner.

The unit price as of January 31, 2007, was $9.5275.

Returns may therefore be calculated as:

Periods Ending January 31, 2007 Return (see Note)
Month -0.97%
Quarter +1.70%
Year +5.57%
Two Years (Annualized) +5.66%
Three Years (Annualized) +7.61%
Four Years (Annualized) +12.21%
Five Years (Annualized) +10.25%
MAPF returns are shown after expenses, but before fees.

Note that past performance should not be taken as a guarantee of future performance. You can lose money investing in MAPF or any other investment.

More later.

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