HIMIPref™ Programming Change : Error Code #4644

In response to a complaint from an extremely annoying person (and you know who you are!), reporting has been enhanced for Error Code #4644.

This error arises when the user attempts to run a trade report for a portfolio that should include some actual value (which is to say, any portfolio that is not using the issueMethod with desiredSwapIssues set to zero; such a portfolio should have zero value, as its purpose in life is to form a grid of all trading possibilities in the HIMIPref™ universe, with no regard for other holdings).

The error message connected with code #4644 was, admittedly, a little obscure. The message has now been upgraded to specify the accountName, accountNumber and other information similar to that provided on the portfolioReportBox. It is anticipated that this detail will make it more clear to the user what is to be done; the new error code for this condition is #5419.

The error most often arises when the portfolio has been set up improperly, or if the holdings file has been inadverdantly wiped. The portfolio settings may be edited via the portfolioListReport, or the holdings file may be mainMenu|File|Holdings File|Synchronize With Transactions, which (alas) is not yet documented in the glossary or the User Manual. *sigh*

This programming change is not considered significant enough to warrant the upload of a new HIMIPref™ version; it will be available when the next version is uploaded.

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