HSBC Tier 1 Capital

HSBC has released its 2006 Annual Report, so I thought I’d take a look at their regulatory capital to see if any issues can be hoped for from that direction. I’ve discussed Tier 1 Capital before in a mini-series of posts: Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3.

HSBC Tier One Capital  

(From December 31, 2006 Financial Statements)

Total Tier 1 Capital (millions) 3,283
Common Shareholders’ Equity 76.7%
Preferred Shares 10.7%
Innovative Tier 1 Capital Instruments 12.2%
Non-controlling interests in subsidiaries 0.9%
Goodwill -0.5%

So if they wished, they could issue addition non-cumulative perpetuals to a total of 2.1% of capital, or $69-million worth, and have them all included in Tier 1 Capital – unfortunately, such a small issue scarcely seems worthwhile.

And, unfortunately, not only do their two outstanding issues (HSB.PR.C & HSB.PR.D) pay a dividend that’s not a lot more than market rates, but they’re not redeemable until 2010, either.

So … probably not much issuance from that quarter! Unless, of course, Canada’s banking laws triumphantly enter the 19th century, and HSBC developes an appetite for one of the big five!

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