PVS.PR.D To Be Redeemed; Timing Uncertain

Partners Value Split Corp. has announced a new issue and as part of the announcement stated:

The net proceeds of the offering will be used to partially fund the redemption of the Company’s Class AA Preferred Shares, Series 6.

The Series 6 Preferreds that are going to be redeemed are PVS.PR.D, currently redeemable at 25.50, redeemable commencing 2020-10-8 at 25.25 and maturing 2021-10-8 at 25.00. It only pays 4.50%, so it’s a bit surprising that they’re going to call it at a premium – although that is not yet 100% certain. PVS.PR.D was originally issued as BNA.PR.F, which commenced trading 2014-7-4 after being announced 2014-6-16.

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