Choose a New Font for PrefLetter!

For various arcane reasons, it has become desirable to change the font for PrefLetter.

My hard-working (and much abused) typesetter has proposed five PrefLetter_typeface_ideas that will meet the technical requirements:

  • Frutiger
  • Frutiger Condensed
  • Slate Std.
  • Myriad Pro
  • Berkeley

Have a look at the five PrefLetter_typeface_ideas and let me know in the comments or by eMail if you have any preference! The change will be effective with the May edition.

9 Responses to “Choose a New Font for PrefLetter!”

  1. prefhound says:

    OK, I open the bidding with votes for #3 first and #4 second. #3 is presumably Slate Std and #4 Myriad pro.

  2. jiHymas says:

    #3 is presumably Slate Std and #4 Myriad pro.

    Yes, I listed the fonts in order.

  3. porsena says:

    For me the easiest to read is Frutiger (#1) followed by Slate Std (#3). In last place for legibility by quite a bit is Frutiger Condensed (#2).

  4. #4, then #1.

    Good luck finding a consensus!

  5. lyndon says:

    I vote for 2 types of newsletters-
    One for those with an IQ above 170 ( yourself, prefhound and norbert who all appear to have PHDs in differential calculus and algebra ) and one newsletter for simple folk like me…….

  6. adrian2 says:

    #3, then a tie (#1, #4).

  7. jiHymas says:

    lyndon, you’ll make me blush!

    There are two eMailed votes so far:

    M&D tell me For aging eyes the first example (Frutiger?) is without doubt the most readable.

    The first example is indeed Frutiger.

    SL claims: FRUTIGER! That’s it! Nothing else for my old eyes.

  8. prefhound says:

    First, I know for a fact that Lyndon is a sandbagger about his own IQ!

    Second, I suggest that you weight the voting by your personal revenue generated from each participant….

  9. […] The font for PrefLetter has been changed to Frutiger by popular demand! […]

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