April PrefLetter To Be Delayed Or Cancelled

I regret to advise that publication of this month’s edition of PrefLetter has had to be delayed and will possibly be cancelled.

I have been ill and while I am recuperating, I have to admit that I’m not working very quickly! After consideration this weekend, I decided that I simply was not capable of giving PrefLetter the attention and vigour it requires.

Clients who have purchased the ‘Next Issue’ continue to be on the appropriate delivery list. Clients who have X issues remaining on their year’s subscription will continue to have X issues remaining until the next edition is distributed.

I’m very sorry for this. If any clients would prefer to receive a full or partial refund in lieu of the scheduled delivery, please eMail me and it will be arranged.

20 Responses to “April PrefLetter To Be Delayed Or Cancelled”

  1. Nestor says:

    James, take care of yourself and get well. That’s more important than anything.

  2. skeptical says:

    James wishing you a speedy recovery. Hope you get well soon.

  3. prefQC says:

    You have a large and devoted following. I join my voice to the others in wishing you a speedy recovery. Your health, and not one issue of PrefLetter are the priority now!
    Best wishes,

  4. baffled says:

    i agree with all the above , get healthy then think about the other stuff . i would be amazed if anyone emailed you for a refund .

  5. One more wishing you a speedy recovery. Your health is your most important asset.

    Best wishes,

  6. gsp says:

    James, wishing you a prompt recovery. Take care of yourself and take it easy with this work stuff.

  7. RAV4guy says:

    I too wish you a speedy recovery. Be kind to yourself and don’t overdo things. Take help as its offered. Come back even stronger.

  8. adrian2 says:

    Get well soon, James!


  9. scomac says:

    Get well soon, James!

  10. hrseymour says:

    Have been missing your sage posts. But glad you are taking the time you need.

  11. JoeBackyard says:

    We all hope for your speedy recovery. Thank you for running this website.

  12. mbarbon says:

    Get well soon James. Your health is most important !!!

  13. Stuart says:

    James, hope you get well soon. Take care!

  14. stusclues says:

    Speedy recovery James!

  15. Old Basset says:

    Get well soon!

  16. liuyun88 says:

    James, hope you get well soon! Nothing is more important, truly.

  17. JCE says:

    James, I join the others in wishing you a speedy recovery. Your health is far more important than anything else. Take care
    Jean C

  18. jiHymas says:

    Thank you all for taking the time to post your kind words.

    It means a lot to me and I hope to resume normal posting soon.

  19. Mikey_Likes_Prefs says:

    Get well James.
    Health #1
    Preferred Shares #2

  20. Tim says:

    Adding my own wishes for a continuing recovery, James.

    Your level-headed perspective on the market and the economy is always appreciated.

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