May PrefLetter Cancelled

I regret to advise that publication of this month’s edition of PrefLetter has had to be cancelled.

I have been ill and while I am recuperating, I have to admit that I’m not working very quickly! After consideration this weekend, I decided that I simply was not capable of giving PrefLetter the attention and vigour it requires.

Clients who have purchased the ‘Next Issue’ continue to be on the appropriate delivery list. Clients who have X issues remaining on their year’s subscription will continue to have X issues remaining until the next edition is distributed.

I’m very sorry for this. If any clients would prefer to receive a full or partial refund in lieu of the scheduled delivery, please eMail me and it will be arranged.

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  1. dodoi says:

    MFC.PR.F rate will reset to 2.34800% per annum or $0.146750_ per share per quarter according to

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