BCE.PR.E Added to HIMIPref™ Database

I have added BCE.PR.E to the HIMIPref™ database (I needed to have the data in standard format for the upcoming edition of PrefLetter!).

Prices and dividends have been added back to 2007-2-1, when the issue was listed after being exchanged for BC.PR.A.

There are only 1.4-million odd shares outstanding, which is why I haven’t previously bothered. BCE.PR.E is a RatchetRate preferred, interconvertible with the FixedFloater BCE.PR.F commencing 2010-2-1. There have been relatively large secondary offerings of BCE.PR.F earlier this month and in January.

BCE.PR.E will continue to be tracked by HIMIPref™, but is relegated to the Scraps index on both credit and volume concerns.

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