Research: A Vale of Tiers

Assiduous Readers will be well aware that there are many levels of bank debt, each with its own mix of risk and reward.

In the following article, I attempted to summarize the levels to provide a little perspective. Look for the research link!

Update, 2008-7-19: There is an error in Table 1. Innovative Tier 1 Capital should be shown with a subordination of 7.09% (the same as preferred shares) and a yield of 5.55%.

6 Responses to “Research: A Vale of Tiers”

  1. kaspu says:

    royal 5.65% coming out

  2. madequota says:

    Interesting . . . RBC re-appeared on the sell side on Friday, and again today big time . . . now we know why . . . but insider trading violations aside . . . 5.65% should have a stimulating effect on the market . . .

    what happened to their “innovative tier 1” thing? . . . did they change their mind? These guys are maddening, but in the end, this very probably will be the first pref IPO that’s “good” for the market in a long time.


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