BNA: Name Change to Partners Value Split Corp.

The front page of the website for this company includes the startling information:

Partners Value Split Corp. (formerly “BAM Split Corp.”) commenced operations in September 2001 and currently owns a portfolio …

There was nothing about this in their Semi-Annual Report and the “Corporate Info” page merely repeats the information above.

There is nothing in the “Press Releases” section, and there ain’t nuthin’ on SEDAR either.

I have sent the following query to the company:


I understand from that BAM Split has changed its name, but can find nothing on SEDAR.

What are the details of this change? Will there be a press release? Are there any implications for the investment policy of the company or its capital structure?


The above eMail was sent shortly before 3pm, August 29, and no answer has yet been received. I will post more when I know more.

The company has four issues of Senior Preferred Shares trading on the Toronto Exchange: BNA.PR.B, BNA.PR.C, BNA.PR.D and BNA.PR.E. All are tracked by HIMIPref™. There is also a series of Junior Preferred Shares outstanding, all of which are held by BAM Investments Corp. (or whatever they’re calling it this week), which also owns all of the Capital Units.

Update, 2013-9-7: I have received an answer to my query and published an extract on the post reporting the change of website.

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  1. gsp says:

    Still no response?

    The BAM Split website now seems to have been taken down. Replacing it is a sleeker Partners Value website which doesn’t seem to address any of your questions.

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