BMO.PR.M Settles without Incident

The Fixed Reset 5.20%+165bp issue announced on June 12 settled today with good volume and tone. 308,269 shares traded in a range of 24.90-97, closing with a quote of 24.90-92, 14×230.

I have not yet seen a press release regarding the successful closing, which should also indicate how much, if any, of the greenshoe was taken up. There were 10-million shares in the issue, with a greenshoe for an additional 2-million shares exercisable prior to closing.

I still don’t like this issue structure … but with six of them now outstanding, it would appear that many people do! Once we get to ten good sized issues with this type of reset mechanism, I will commence tracking the issues with HIMIPref™ … and who knows, perhaps taking the occasional position when the yields get out of line!

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