FTS.PR.H To Reset At 1.835%

Fortis Inc. has announced (although only on its share information page, not as a press release because these people really are useless):

On June 1, 2020, the quarterly dividend rate to be paid on each Series H Preference share will decrease to $0.11469 from $0.15625, translating into a decrease in the annual dividend rate per share to $0.45876 from $0.6250, due to the reset of the annual dividend on June 1, 2020, under the dividend rate reset provisions applicable to this series.

FTS.PR.H was issued a FixedReset, 4.25%+145, that commenced trading 2010-1-26 after being announced 2010-1-11. In 2015 it reset to 2.50% amid great secrecy as they prefer to maintain selective disclosure through the old boys’ club.

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