CFS.PR.A Eases into Market

It was a very quiet opening for this issue, with only 11,200 shares changing hands. The leveraging / deleveraging feature appears to have found favour only with DBRS!

However, to my chagrin (and, undoubtedly, CC&L Capital Markets’), this is a teeny-tiny issue: the TSX reports that only 1.5-million shares are outstanding, for a value of $15-million in prefs and total company capitalization of $30-million.

Still, even if you take the view that this thing will trade by appointment only, you can’t deny that a lot of investors will consider it worth holding. It’s Pfd-1 and I calculate the curvePrice to be $10.42, compared to the closing quote of $10.06-25:

Price due to base-rate 9.87  23.66
Price due to short-term -0.20  -0.62
Price due to long-term 0.52  1.55
Price due to SplitShareCorp -0.21  -0.90
Price due to Retractibility 0.30  1.24
Price due to Liquidity 0.15  -0.27
Price due to error 0.01  0.09
Curve Price (some rounding error) 10.42  24.75
Quote 10.06-25  25.86-09
After-Tax bid-YTW 3.29%  2.82%
Pre-Tax bid-YTW 4.14%  3.55%
Presumed Maturity 2012-1-31  2016-06-14

Even if one takes the view that the +$0.15 allowance for liquidity turns into -$0.10 for illiquidity (probably a safe bet!) there’s room for some capital gains for those who buy and sell liquidity in small amounts!

This issue has been entered into the HIMIPref™ database with the securityCode A41410, which replaces the preIssue code of P25006. A reorgDataEntry has been processed.

The issue has been added to the SplitShares index.

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