IQW.PR.C Conversion Continues

Quebecor World has announced:

on or prior to June 27, 2008, it received notices in respect of 744,124 of its remaining 2,507,153 issued and outstanding Series 5 Cumulative Redeemable First Preferred Shares (TSX: IQW.PR.C) (the “Series 5 Preferred Shares”) requesting conversion into the Company’s Subordinate Voting Shares (TSX: IQW).

In accordance with the provisions governing the Series 5 Preferred Shares, registered holders of such shares are entitled to convert all or any number of their Series 5 Preferred Shares into a number of Subordinate Voting Shares effective as of September 1, 2008 (the “Conversion Date”), provided such holders gave notice of their intention to convert at least 65 days prior to the Conversion Date. The Series 5 Preferred Shares are convertible into that number of the Company’s Subordinate Voting Shares determined by dividing Cdn$25.00 together with all accrued and unpaid dividends on such shares up to August 31, 2008 by the greater of (i) Cdn$2.00 and (ii) 95% of the weighted average trading price of the Series 5 Preferred Shares on the Toronto Stock Exchange during the period of twenty trading days ending on August 28, 2008.

The next conversion date on which registered holders of the Series 5 Preferred Shares will be entitled to convert all or any number of such shares into Subordinate Voting Shares is December 1, 2008, and notices of conversion in respect thereof must be deposited with the Company’s transfer agent, Computershare Investor Services Inc., on or before September 26, 2008.

This continuing conversion shows the value (to the company, and to the existing common shareholders) of the use of a minimum price to avoid ‘death spiral’ conversion. The last price of IQW.PR.C is $1.65; the last price of the IQW is $0.185 … but the face value ($25.00) plus accumulated dividends of IQW.PR.C is used as the numerator in the conversion, with the minimum of $2.00 per common share used as the denominator. In the last conversion, the ratio was 13.146875 common per preferred converted.

Update: See also previous post for IQW.PR.C.

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