BK.PR.A Extending Term with Unchanged Dividend

Quadravest has announced:

Under the distribution policy announced in November 2021, … Preferred shareholders will receive prime plus 1.50% with a minimum rate of 5.00% and a maximum rate of 8.00%

As previously announced on March 2, 2023, the termination date of the Company was extended a futher five years from December 1, 2023 to December 1, 2028. In connection with the extension, the Company has the right to amend the annual rate of cumulative preferential monthly dividends to be paid to the BK.PR.A Preferred Shares for the five year renewal period, commencing December 1, 2023. In keeping with market yields for preferred shares with similar terms, there will be no change to the rate of the BK.PR.A Preferred Shares.

In relation to the term extension, the Company has an additional retraction right for those shareholders not wishing to continue holding their investment, allowing existing shareholders to tender one or both classes of Shares and receive a retraction price based on the November 30, 2023 net asset value per unit.

Alternatively, shareholders may sell their shares for the market price at any time, potentially at a higher price than would be achieved through retraction, or shareholders may take no action and continue to hold their shares.

Thanks to Assiduous Reader niagara for bringing this to my attention!

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