ENB.PR.D Redemption Completed

ENB.PR.D, an interest bearing preferred security, was redeemed today as previously noted. They had, presumably, no difficulty in finding the money for the redemption, what with their recent equity issue and my January gas bill.

This leaves the interestBearing index bereft of all operating companies; it is now populated solely by split-share corporations.

It now remains to be seen whether they will also redeem ENB.PR.A, a perpetual that is currently part of the PerpetualPremium index. This issue has been mentioned as occasionally drifting into negative YTW territory; it’s currently redeemable at $25.25, but will be redeemable at par in December.

Oops! There is actually one remaining operating company issue left in the interestBearing index … BAM.PR.T. However, it is virtually certain that BAM.PR.T will be redeemed in June, so I was only off by five months!

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