DFN.PR.A : Term Extension Approved

The Special Resolution to extend the term of DFN.PR.A to December 1, 2014 has been approved:

Preferred Shareholders voted 99.5% in favour of the resolution and Class A Shareholders voted 97.6% in favour of the resolution, and therefore the resolution to extend the termination date to December 1, 2014 was approved at the meeting held earlier today.

PrefInfo.com and HIMIPref™ will be updated to reflect the new information shortly.

Update: Updates have been completed. A reorgDataEntry has been processed in HIMIPref™ with the reorgType REORG_TERMCHANGE changing from the old securityCode A43060 to the new securityCode A43061 … and of course, all the other permanentDatabase tables changed as required to describe the new instrument.

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