FFN.PR.A: Name Change

Quadravest has announced:

Financial 15 Split Corp. II (the “Company”) announces a name change to North American Financial 15 Split Corp. Trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the new name is expected to commence on Wednesday, March 18, 2015. The Preferred Shares and Class A Shares will continue to trade under the symbols FFN.PR.A and FFN, respectively.

There is no indication of a change in investment policy, which would have to be voted on by shareholders as it’s specified in the prospectus. It may be that Quadravest intends to reposition the fund to take over the space currently occupied by US Financial 15 Split Corp., which was very badly whacked in the Credit Crunch and has a Net Asset Value Per Unit of only $7.24, far below their $10 obligation to FTU.PR.B. The US fund is scheduled for wind-up 2018-12-1.

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