MAPF Performance: May, 2008

The fund had a very good return in May; very slightly behind CPD (which returned +1.42% on the month). The BMO-CM “50” index return is not yet available; this post will be updated when it is published.

Returns to May, 2008
Period MAPF Index
One Month +1.39% +1.32%
Three Months -2.53% -1.44%
One Year +2.70% -1.95%
Two Years (annualized) +3.93% -0.47%
Three Years (annualized) +4.36% +0.68%
Four Years (annualized) +5.79% +2.18%
Five Years (annualized) +8.73% +2.58%
Six Years (annualized) +8.35% +3.44%
Seven Years (annualized) +9.47% +3.21%
The Index is the BMO-CM “50”

Returns assume reinvestment of dividends, and are shown after expenses but before fees. Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance. You can lose money investing in Malachite Aggressive Preferred Fund or any other fund. For more information, see the fund’s main page.

The yields available on high quality preferred shares remain elevated, which is reflected in the current estimate of sustainable income.

Calculation of MAPF Sustainable Income Per Unit
Month NAVPU Portfolio
June, 2007 9.3114 5.16% 1.03 5.01% 0.4665
September 9.1489 5.35% 0.98 5.46% 0.4995
December, 2007 9.0070 5.53% 0.942 5.87% 0.5288
March, 2008 8.8512 6.17% 1.047 5.89% 0.5216
May, 2008 9.0394 5.797% 0.996 5.82% 0.5261
NAVPU is shown after quarterly distributions.
“Portfolio YTW” includes cash (or margin borrowing), with an assumed interest rate of 0.00%
“Securities YTW” divides “Portfolio YTW” by the “Leverage Divisor” to show the average YTW on the securities held

Update, 2008-6-3 : Index performance for May has been posted. MAPF Portfolio Composition, as has a similar analysis for CPD, the exchange traded fund.

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