A Subdued Opening for CM.PR.I

CM.PR.I, the new issue discussed November 6, commenced trading today and closed at $24.91-92 on volume of 288,892 shares, having traded in the range 24.89-99 throughout the day.

It is a little difficult to understand why the issue did not rise on the first day, as it appears to be attractive by a wide variety of measures, but such is life in the preferred market! Nothing ever works exactly as expected!

In the earlier post, I compared the issue to the roughly comparable CM.PR.H, so I’ll update that comparison now and we’ll see what we see!

Changes from the November 6 calculation in brackets
Base Rate 24.05 (+0.03) 23.78 (-0.05)
Price due to short-term 0.08 (-0.01) 0.09 (-0.01)
Price due to long-term 0.59 (+0.07) 0.57 (+0.09)
Price due to error 0.02 (Unch) 0.02 (+0.01)
Price due to Credit Spread (Low) -0.54 (Unch) -0.53 (-0.04)
Intrinsic (subject to rounding error) 24.20 (+0.09) 23.93 (Unch)
Price due to Liquidity 1.60 (+0.02) 1.56 (-0.02)
Total (subject to rounding error) $25.79 (+0.10) $25.49 (-0.02)

The CM.PR.H closed at 25.38-50, 10×73, today, so the CM.PR.I has some company in looking cheap!

As one can see, the curve moved against the new issue in the week or so since the last analysis and now “likes” the slightly greater dividend (and hence chance of call) of the CM.PR.H more than it did.

To look at this more closely, we can examine the output from the optionCashFlowEffectAnalysisBox, which I’ll blog about at some future date.

CM.PR.I has been added to the HIMIPref™ database with the securityCode A42018, replacing the “PreIssue” code of P50007.

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