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As many will have noticed, Operating Retractibles, as a group, are getting more expensive all the time. In many cases, they are trading with a negative yieldToWorst and even when these worst-case-scenarios are positive, they yield less than Canadas after tax while retaining all their corporate risk.

The preferred shares issued by split-share corporations may be of interest to many who want a retractible investment … and I’ve written an introduction to this type of preferred share:

Look for the Research Link!

The cogniscenti will have noticed that Malachite Aggressive Preferred Fund has been known to hold a lot of these.

I have uploaded portfolio evaluations for the draft HIMI Preferred Indices for December 29, 2006, for the Operating Retractible and Split Share indices.

Update 2007-11-22: See Split Share and OpRet Yields for some updated yield numbers and a fascinating discussion in the comments.

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