Marginal Tax Rates: Alberta

E&Y have analyzed current Alberta tax rates and we may draw some conclusions from these data:

Investors Taxable Income Marginal Rate on Interest Marginal Rate on Dividends Equivalency Factor
Widows & Orphans $30,000 25.00% 0.01% 1.33
Professionals $75,000 32.00% 4.41% 1.41
Plutocrats $150,000 39.00% 14.56% 1.40

It is interesting to note that the equivalency factors have increased slightly since my 2006 post on this topic.

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  1. I’m going to needle you about the rates on orphans again, because the E&Y calculator assumes no income of any other kind whatsoever. If there is any, then the marginal rate on eligible dividends in the lowest bracket in Alberta is -5.7% and the interest equivalency factor is … drumroll … 1.41.

  2. […] Equivalency factors have declined marginally since my 2006 post on this topic. […]

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