MAPF Portfolio Characteristics, 2007-4-30

For reasons that will become clear with the release of the June edition of Canadian Moneysaver, I thought I would disclose the broad characteristics of the MAPF Portfolio as of last month end:

MAPF Sectoral Analysis 2007-4-30
HIMI Indices Sector Weighting YTW ModDur
Ratchet  0% N/A  N/A
FixFloat  0% N/A N/A 
Floater  0% N/A  N/A 
OpRet  0% N/A  N/A 
SplitShare  78% 4.38%  6.08 
Interest Rearing  0% N/A  N/A 
PerpetualPremium  28% 4.94%  4.43 
PerpetualDiscount  3% 4.59%  16.21
Scraps  1% 3.86%  5.86 
Cash  -11% N/A N/A
Total  100% 4.52% 5.93 

Sharp-eyed readers will observe that the “total” reflects the un-leveraged total portfolio, and may make their own adjustments to reflect interest costs incurred on the cash debit. MAPF will often have relatively large cash balances to facilitate trading.

They will also note, with a certain amount of glee, that the percentages do not add up to exactly 100% in this or the following tables. This is due to rounding. You know something? Sharp-eyed readers really bug me.

Credit distribution is:

MAPF Credit Analysis 2007-4-30
DBRS Rating Weighting
Pfd-1 16%
Pfd-1(low) 2%
Pfd-2 78%
Pfd-2(low) 14%
Cash -11%

Liquidity Distribution is:

MAPF Liquidity Analysis 2007-4-30
Average Daily Trading Weighting
<$50,000 1%
$50,000 – $100,000 0%
$100,000 – $200,000 50%
$200,000 – $300,000 19%
>$300,000 40%
Cash -11%

Just in case anybody’s interested! Incidentally … cash, calculated on a trade-date basis on 2007-5-11, is basically as close to zero as it ever will be. But who knows? I might get half a trade done on Monday!

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