David Berry Hearing Set for October 29, 2007

Market Regulation Services Inc. has announced:

Commencing on October 29, 2007 for five (5) days, an RS Hearing Panel will convene at RS, 9th floor, 145 King Street West, Toronto to consider whether David Berry has contravened certain Requirements of UMIR as set out in the Statement of Allegations. The proceeding is open to the public.

This is the first news to emerge in the case since the McQuillen settlement.

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  1. […] Well! There I was, all set to attend David Berry’s contested hearing with RS, having spent all weekend choosing overly ripe tomatoes to hurl at any disingenuous Scotia executives with the effrontery to show up … and now I find that it’s been postponed! I have no idea what’s going on. Maybe RS has gotten a little embarrassed about being used as a pawn in a contract negotiation. Maybe somebody’s realized that if Jesus Christ Himself was subjected to the same level of scrutiny as Scotia has inflicted on Berry, then there’d be equal cause for firing, mudslinging and character assassination. Stay tuned! […]

  2. […] The hearing into David Berry’s preferred share trading practices originally set for October 29, then postponed has now been rescheduled for December 10 after a rather cryptic ruling on disclosure. […]

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