Marginal Tax Rates: Manitoba 2008

Here are the rates from the E&Y Tax Calculator, as updated to include legislation to October 22, 2008. There has been a marginal change since my last post on the topic.

Clawbacks are not included; I am hopeful that at some point I will be able to get some authoritative data on the effects of clawbacks, but have not found anything credible … please contact me if you do know of any credible public sources!

Investors Taxable Income Marginal Rate on Interest Marginal Rate on Dividends Equivalency Factor
Widows & Orphans $30,000 25.90% 0.00% 1.35
Professionals $75,000 39.40% 13.68% 1.42
Plutocrats $150,000 46.40% 23.83% 1.42

There are some notes about the calculation of the equivalency factor in the comments to an earlier post about Ontario.

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