James Hymas to Appear at Financial Forum

Break-out seminar session Friday Jan 16/09 5:00-5:45 pm at the Toronto Financial Forum.

Seminar: Preferred Shares for Taxable Income Portfolios

Description: Preferred shares can complement bonds in taxable fixed-income portfolios. A wide variety of characteristics allows a preferred share portfolio to be tailored to the individual needs of the investor, but this very variety can lead to the “tyranny of choice”, in which the necessity of choosing between various options leads investors to avoid the sector entirely. In this seminar, you will learn to assess the characteristics of different preferred shares, how to compare the prices of these shares and how to put together a portfolio that meets your needs … with very attractive tax savings compared to bonds and GICs!

Biography: James Hymas commenced managing bond portfolios in 1992 and has achieved first quartile performance throughout his career. He founded Hymas Investment Management Inc. in 2000, with the objective of filling a niche as a source of top quality preferred share analysis and portfolio management, programming his firm’s software, HIMIPref™, to bring the full force of his fixed-income analytical knowledge quickly and consistently to any set of market prices that the vagaries of the stock market can bring. This methodology has resulted in a long track-record of returns far above the benchmark index; his insights are shared through frequent articles in Canadian Moneysaver.

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  1. lystgl says:

    Mr. Hymas, we’ve got the “when” but not the “where”- or are you referring to something on television we can all tune into Jan 16?
    ROB – BNN whatever they choose to call themselves these days, should have given you more time the other day. If “Joe sixpack” is to get at least a passing indication of what preferreds (or any investment vehicle for that matter) are all about, they should give their guest experts more time.
    On another note, it’s kinda funny but even motormouth, scaremongering, get outta the market NOW, Jim Cramer is touting “preferreds” as if he, “the” market guru, is prepared to lead us all to the promised land after he’s decimated everyone’s portfolio balance (everyone that listened to him anyway) by exhorting holdings dissolution. Amazes me to no end. Buffet buys preferreds, various gov’ts buy preferreds – preferreds are now “in vogue” whereas you’ve been quietly extolling their virtue(s), within a diversified portfolio, all along. In a way, it’s a little disconcerting, because if everyone buys in, fluctuations, up or down, can (will) be much more severe and I’ve had about as much volatility as I can handle.

  2. jiHymas says:

    we’ve got the “when” but not the “where”

    Oops! I fixed up the post.

    should have given you more time

    Write the television people! Insist you want All Preferreds! All the time! Lobby the CRTC to pull the licences of any network that doesn’t have a preferred share show (I’m hoping to guest-star in the Northern Peaks production of ‘Jessica Buys a Preferred Share’).

    preferreds are now “in vogue”

    The pendulum never swings half-way!

    I’ve had about as much volatility as I can handle.

    I suggest concentrating on the income side, not on the mark-to-market side. But I agree, this bear market has been rather a trial.

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