CIT Group in Prepackaged Bankruptcy

CIT Group has announced:

that, with the overwhelming support of its debtholders, the Board of Directors voted to proceed with the prepackaged plan of reorganization for CIT Group Inc. and a subsidiary that will restructure the Company’s debt and streamline its capital structure.

Importantly, none of CIT’s operating subsidiaries, including CIT Bank, a Utah state bank, will be included in the filings. As a result, all operating entities are expected to continue normal operations during the pendency of the cases.

All classes voted to accept the prepackaged plan and all were substantially in excess of the required thresholds for a successful vote. Approximately 85% of the Company’s eligible debt participated in the solicitation, and nearly 90% of those participating supported the prepackaged plan of reorganization.

Similarly, approximately 90% of the number of debtholders voting, both large and small, cast affirmative votes for the prepackaged plan. The conditions for consummating the exchange offers were not met.

Accordingly, CIT’s Board of Directors approved the Company to proceed with the voluntary filings for CIT Group Inc. and CIT Group Funding Company of Delaware LLC with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York (“the Court”).

Due to the overwhelming and broad support from its debtholders, the Company is asking the Court for a quick confirmation of the approved prepackaged plan. Under the plan, CIT expects to reduce total debt by approximately $10 billion, significantly reduce its liquidity needs over the next three years, enhance its capital ratios and accelerate its return to profitability.

Note that the Maple issue, 4.72% Notes due February 10, 2011, are in Class 9, the largest class of notes with about $25-billion outstanding. According to the proxy solicitation:

Estimated Recovery: 94.4%, assuming (i) acceptance of the Plan of Reorganization by Class 7 Canadian Senior Unsecured Note Claims, Class 12 Senior Subordinated Note Claims and Class 13 Junior Subordinated Note Claims and (ii) New Common Interests valued at mid-point of Common Equity Value (as defined herein) range.


CIT’s $500 million of notes due Nov. 3 fell to 68 cents on the dollar as of Oct. 29 from 80 cents at the beginning of the month, according to Trace, the bond-price reporting system of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

According to the DTCC Warehouse, there are $54-billion gross and $3-billion net single name CDS outstanding on CIT, with 6,638 contracts.

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