RPA.PR.A Announcement Regarding CIT Credit Event

ROC Pref Corp. II has announced:

The impact of the CIT credit event on ROC Pref II Corp. will be known when the recovery rate is determined within the next several weeks. Before giving effect to the CIT credit event, a total of approximately 3.0 credit events among the companies in the CLN’s reference portfolio could be sustained before payments under the CLN are impacted including the payment of $25 per Preferred Share on December 31, 2009 based on the assumption of a 40% recovery rate for each credit event. Realized recovery rates for any particular reference company may vary substantially from the assumed 40% recovery rate and the Company would not be able to sustain 3.0 credit events and pay $25 per Preferred Share at maturity if the realized recovery rates were less than 40%. Currently in the market place, the recovery rate is trading at approximately 65%. If the realized recovery rate for CIT is 60%, the CIT credit event would be equivalent to approximately 0.7 credit events at a 40% recovery rate. The realized recovery rate may differ from this level.

ROC Pref II Corp. is listed for trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol RPA.PR.A and is
scheduled to be redeemed on December 31, 2009.

Three fully weighted credit events … two months. It could be interesting!

RPA.PR.A was last mentioned on PrefBlog when the company announced the Idearc credit event. RPA.PR.A is not tracked by HIMIPref™.

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