HIMIPref™ Index Rebalancing: December 2008

HIMI Index Changes, December 31, 2008
Issue From To Because
BSD.PR.A InterestBearing Scraps Credit
PWF.PR.A Scraps Floater Volume
ACO.PR.A Scraps OpRet Volume
BCE.PR.S Scraps Ratchet Volume
BAM.PR.G Scraps FixFloat Volume
TRI.PR.B Scraps Floater Volume

There were the following intra-month changes:

HIMI Index Changes during December 2008
Issue Action Index Because
RY.PR.N Add FixedReset New Issue
BMO.PR.N Add FixedReset New Issue
BNS.PR.S Add FixedReset New Issue

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  2. […] their November trough and BCE issues (which comprised the whole of the FixFloat index until the month-end rebalancing) reacted very badly to news of the failure of the BCE / Teachers’ […]

  3. […] The relegation of BCE.PR.S and BAM.PR.G reverses changes made at December month-end. […]

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